Why We Use XPEL For Your Paint Protection Film Installations

Here at Red Rocks Tint, we’re passionate about providing superior results to all of our customers. Whether you drive a Toyota or a Tesla, we’ll make your car look flawless!

In order to achieve amazing results, our technicians use only the best clear bra products available on the market. That’s why we’re proud to offer XPEL at our shop! Since its inception in 2011, XPEL has revolutionized the paint protection film (PPF) industry.

Here’s why the Red Rocks Tint team is diehard fans of XPEL.

Self-Healing Properties

XPEL paint protection film doesn’t just provide an impenetrable barrier between your vehicle and the outside elements. It also features pioneering self-healing properties! Activated by heat, XPEL will self-heal swirl marks and light scratches right before your eyes. This ensures that your car’s paint job looks outstanding year after year.


In addition to its ability to self-heal, XPEL PPF will never yellow from prolonged UV exposure. Even if you park your car in sunny areas, the clear bra will always remain invisible while protecting your ride.

Tough Under Pressure

XPEL will effortlessly protect your vehicle’s paint from spots, specs, and splotches caused by contaminants. It’s also stain resistant and will maintain crystal-clear clarity even under the toughest conditions.

Edge Seal Technology

Delamination, lifting, and bubbling are things of the past. XPEL features a signature Edge Seal Technology that guarantees the film stays stuck and keeps every surface of your car fully protected from dirt, debris, and other damaging contaminants. This also allows XPEL clear bra to be installed on all areas of your vehicle, including the lights, fender, hood, and bumpers.

Low Maintenance

Are you worried how your clear bra will hold up after installation? Don’t be! With XPEL, it’s easy to keep your vehicle looking stunning for years to come. XPEL paint protection film is waterproof and makes it simple to remove hard water marks on your car’s body. You can also easily clean stains and dirt marks off your car with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

Keeps Your Car Looking Like New for Longer

Thanks to XPEL’s amazing self-healing and protective qualities, it will prevent wear and tear for years. Your vehicle will look as good as the day it left the showroom floor.

How to Get the Most Out of Your XPEL Clear Bra

Here are some tips to ensure your XPEL paint protection film looks great year after year:

  • Avoid waxing the film
  • Don’t wash your vehicle within seven days of installation
  • Never use a pressure washer on the film edges
  • Always remove bug splatter, bird droppings, and tree sap right away

If you want to keep your vehicle’s paint job looking perfect, call Red Rocks Tint now at 303-261-7384. Our technicians are industry experts with 18 years of experience. We provide top-notch paint protection film installations to ensure your car looks flawless forever!