Is Paint Protection Film on Your New Car Worth it?

If you are considering buying a new car, or have already bought one, you’ve probably come across the paint protection film as an aftermarket option to protect the paint on your new vehicle. As the growth of the paint protection film gathers momentum among car owners, many people are asking if it’s really worth it.

What’s paint protection film (PPF)?

This optional treatment is only offered when buying a new car. While it doesn’t change anything on your new vehicle, it provides a clear shield of protection added to your car’s paint job before you drive it home. It helps protect your car from natural occurrences, such as chips, UV light, tree sap, bird droppings, and road debris, among others.

Made from a polymer or polyurethane, the paint protection film is applied over the body panels of the car to protect the paint from scratches. It covers mainly the front and rear bumpers, the entire hood, and the side mirrors. It may also include any other body panel considered high-impact area, and most vulnerable to damage.

Why you need a paint protection film for your new car?

If you are wondering whether to invest in a paint protection film, you may have to look at the benefits it may avail when applied to your car. Here are some reasons to go for the paint protection film for your brand-new automobile:

1.      Improves the shine of your vehicle

If you are one of those people with a soft spot for shiny new cars, you may consider going for the paint protection film. This is because the paint protection film creates an enhanced finish for your car, and is available in gloss or matte.

You can go for a high gloss paint job to create a customized and brilliant look and appeal. A shiny paint surface is easier to clean and maintain since you would only need to give it a quick wipe to have it gleaming again.

2.      Offers protection against chemicals and corrosion

Chemicals and corrosion are some of the biggest enemies of a new car. Chemicals may find their way onto the surface of your new car in many ways, including accidental splashing, rainfall, and spills. They react with the paint to corrode, peel it off, or change its color. This can be devastating for your new car, but a paint protection film would be all you need to keep them at bay.

3.      No glue marks or orange peel

Unlike other forms of paint protection, a paint protection film does not leave glue marks after installation. But this depends on the company applying the paint protection film on your new machine. For instance, the nano-ceramic paint protection film has a special proprietary adhesive that doesn’t leave behind marks or an orange peel finish.

4.      Heals minor scratches instantly

Minor scratches are more prominent on a new car than an older one, and no one wants them on their machines. Another problem with minor scratches is that they are difficult to avoid. Your car may collect these scratches from brushing against the vegetation, collision with road debris on the highway, and just anything else coming into contact with your vehicle.

The paint protection film can be a sure way of avoiding those scratches. Most of them have self-healing properties, and a few have employ nanotechnology to heal the scratches instantly. The scratches can be fixed by applying direct heat to the surface by use of a blowing heat gun. You will never have to worry about the scratches spoiling the gleaming surface of your new automobile.

5.      Provides high-temperature resistance

Paint protection film also provides a heat shield for your new car, protecting it from high temperatures, as well as the penetration of UV and IR rays. They can damage the surface of your new vehicle, causing it to lose its glossy appeal, and giving it the impression of an aging car.

This feature is also important for your on-road visibility. This is because the paint protection film keeps your headlights from fogging and fading, which are effects of heat penetration into the surface of the vehicle.

6.      May provide a limited lifetime warranty

Some service providers offer a limited lifetime warranty on some paint protection films, as a surety of their excellent customer service. This can give you some peace of mind because this installation isn’t cheap, and you will need to be sure it will last for as long as possible.

What to consider before applying the paint protection film

Even with the many benefits of the paint protection film, you need to know that they are not equal. Some are better and more superior to others. It is important you get the very best to give you a long-lasting service. Here is what you can do to get the best service:

  1. Consider your options: A paint protection film may not be for you if you aren’t ready to spend considerably on your new car. You can consider other options, such as ceramic coatings which can protect your car for many years.
  2. Do a little research: Not all paint protection films are the same. Some are quite stellar, while others aren’t so stellar, so you may need to step out of your comfort zone and do a little research to find the best one for your vehicle. It may be necessary to set up a consultation with a professional installer to help you find the best product for your car depending on your budget and needs.
  3. Find a reputable service provider: You will also need to find a good service provider, such as Red Rocks Tint, with years of experience and a network of professionally certified installers of the paint protection film.

We at Red Rocks Tint can help you make the right choice of the paint protection film for your new car, and have it installed expertly by our professional and experienced technicians. With the right option and the best service, your new car’s paint protection will never be in doubt. Please contact us today for more information.