Safety First: How Window Tints Protect You and Your Car

It’s no secret that window tints add a touch of mystique and sexiness to your car. Whether you’re handing your keys to the valet, rolling up to the curb, or picking up your partner for a romantic date, tinted windows can definitely make you feel like a rockstar.

But did you know that window tints can also keep you and your car safe? That’s right! The benefits of tinted windows include so much more than just aesthetics. They also offer supreme protection.

If you’re still on the fence about adding tints to your car windows, these five safety benefits of tinted windows may inspire you to take the plunge.

  1. Prevents Glare

The Colorado sun can swiftly become a safety hazard when you’re driving during sunset. Sun glare can prevent you from clearly seeing what’s in front and around you. It can also cause eye strain.

While pulling out a pair of sunglasses is always an option, adding window tints will also drastically reduce glare. This allows you to drive anytime of the day and have a clear, comfortable view of the road ahead.

Best of all, window tints will not reduce your visibility, even at night. This can only happen with extremely dark tints, which are actually illegal.

  1. UV Ray Protection

Speaking of the sun, that gigantic ball of hydrogen can do far more than impact your vision. The UV rays can also cause your car’s interior to fade and the dashboard to crack. In addition to safeguarding your car’s cabin, window tints can also protect your body. Did you know that more than 53% of skin cancer occurs on the left side of your body? Most people don’t think about lathering up in sunscreen before they make the long commute to the office.

Auto window tint will deflect the sun’s harmful UV rays, keeping your body and your vehicle safe.

  1. Criminal Deterrent

Window tints boost your privacy. They also make it tougher to see what is inside of your car. When criminals don’t know what’s in your car, they are less likely to attempt a break-in. While we never recommend leaving valuables inside your vehicle, window tints will reduce the risk of thieves smashing your windows.

  1. Offers More Protection from Shattered Glass

Modern cars are designed to protect you in many ways. However, in the event of a collision, shards of splintered window glass can become safety hazards. You can further supplement the safety of your vehicle by installing window tints. This is because the thin layers of flexible film reduce the risk of shattering glass. If you’re ever in a crash, the window tints may hold the glass together.

  1. Keep Your Cool

Colorado summers can get sweltering. Tinted windows will keep your cabin cool by keeping the sun out. They block thermal rays and prevent your vehicle’s interior from feeling like a sauna in the summer.

Stay Safe with Quality Window Tints

If you want to boost the overall safety of your vehicle and make it look sleek in the process, call the window tinting experts at Red Rocks Tint today. With nearly 20 years of experience, we’ll make your car safer and striking.

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