What’s the Difference Between Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film

For most car owners, the love for their cars cannot be expressed by words. You can only feel it. If you’re like most vehicle owners, you’ll want to keep your vehicle looking like it did the day you bought it.

Since every car owner is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain the vehicle’s newer look for as long as possible, stopping your car from showing signs of age is not easy. Even to the most vigilant car owners, wear and tear on their vehicle’s shine is inevitable.

That is why “how to make my car look and feel new again” is one of the most popular searches online. Wondering just how to shave off years from your car’s facade and customize it look? You’ve come to the right place.

Products Available to Protect and Preserve Your Vehicle’s Paint

Irrespective of the make of the car, superior protection for your car’s paint surface is a clear choice. So, what products you can use to keep the shine of your vehicle without compromising on protection? The answer to this is applying Ceramic Coating or a Paint Protection Film (PPF).

If you’ve done some research on improving the appearance of your vehicle and providing a layer of protection that’s hard to beat, you’ve realized that Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Films (PPF) are the recommended products.

Ceramic Coatings Vs. Paint Protection Film (PPF)

While some things are the same between the two, there are differences as well. So, what’s the difference? What will these two products accomplish for your car? Let’s dive into these questions.

Ceramic Coating at A Glance

Do you notice stains and swirl marks on your car despite washing your vehicle and applying a new coat of wax regularly? Ceramic Coatings will do the trick. But before going ahead to make that buying decision, get the facts straight.

A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer applied to your vehicle’s exterior surfaces to provide a microscopic layer of paint protection. Made from silica and other special ingredients, it chemically bonds with your car’s factory paint and establishes a hydrophobic surface and a layer of protection.

Unlike traditional waxes or sealants, ceramic coating does not break down or wash away, eliminating the need for repeated application every few months. This additional protection on your car’s exterior means your car keeps looking new with minimal maintenance.

Given the small coating particles (80 to 100 nanometers), the coating seals all imperfections in paint clear coat creating a flat surface. After application, the ceramic coat helps to keep paint glossy, makes your car’s external surface resistant to scratches, besides protecting against chemical staining and etch marks.

A ceramic coating creates a protective bond that keeps your car from fading due to extreme UV exposure and makes the surface hydrophobic, repelling water due to the surface’s slipperiness.

The Pros of a Ceramic Coating

  1. Enhanced chemical resistance
  2. Super-hydrophobic
  3. Easier cleaning.
  4. Increased shine.
  5. It can be polished to fix minor damages.
  6. No need to remove and reinstall.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thermoplastic urethane film that can be applied to your car’s exterior painted surface. Automotive Paint Protection Film is a clear, thin, self-healing film that preserves your car’s appearance by alleviating the risk of various kinds of damage to the paint.

PPF is removable; thus, if you’re ever going to scratch your film, all you need to do is replace the damaged panel, and everything is back to normal. PPF protects by absorbing scratches and self-healing.

Made from a pliable elastomeric polymer material, PPF maintains a natural shape when applied. If your vehicle has one, PPF will protect the vehicle wrap underneath. Applying PPF to the most vulnerable areas of your car means that your vehicle is protected against road debris.

The Pros of a Paint Protection Film

  1. Better resistance to rock chip damage.
  2. Self-healing properties.
  3. It prevents scratches from reaching the paint.
  4. It keeps your vehicle’s paint looking fresh.
  5. It prevents the paint from fading.
  6. It protects your vehicle against exposure to harsh elements.

How Are These Two Products Different?

When looking for a paint protection product, most people cannot decide whether to opt for Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film. Although similarities exist between the two, there are a few areas where the paint protection products are pretty different:

1. Ease of Removal

Compare to a PPF, removing a ceramic coating is harder to remove. If your film gets scratched, you’ll only need to change the damaged panel, and it’s back to normal.

2. Levels of Protection

A PPFs is thicker than a ceramic coating. A paint protection film’s thickness is eight mils, whereas a ceramic coating is about 10-20 microns. Thus, when a small rock or other debris hits the PPF, it will only cause minor scarring.

3.  PPF Absorbs Scratches and Self-Heals

PPF has a self-healing property that allows an impacted area to fuse once heated air is applied to the area. Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, do not have this strength.

4. Materials Are Different

PPF is a polymer or vinyl material pasted on top of your car paint to protect it, whereas a ceramic coating is a liquid product that’s applied to your car using an applicator pad. PPF is installed by laying the vinyl material on the surface, smoothing out all the bubbles and imperfection then using a hot air machine to adhere to the paint. At the same time, a ceramic coating is spread on the paint surface and given time to dry being buffed off.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

PPF produces a blurry appearance on the paint surface, whereas a ceramic coating provides an unmatched enhancement to gloss. Since the film is not very hydrophobic, it could even get dirtier than non-paint protection.

6. Maintenance

A ceramic coating requires continuous maintenance. Unlike a PPF that does not need you to be careful how yore cleaning your vehicle once applied.

7. Cost

Since the film has to be cut and pasted with regard to the vehicle’s design, it is being applied to, and the price is higher than that of using a  ceramic coating.

8. Preferred By

If you hate to see even the smallest of spots on your car’s surface and want protection from the elements that could cause this, then PPF best suits you.

If making your vehicle look better, making your car’s cleaning easier, are top on your priority list, then a ceramic coating is for you.

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