5 Negative Effects of Untinted Car Windows

Automotive window tint is a thin, laminate film applied to the inside of your car’s windows to darken them. People choose to tint their windows for various reasons, including blocking UV rays, reducing interior heat, or simply because they enjoy how it looks.

 However, some motorists may be hesitant to tint their windows. This decision can have many negative consequences, including health and driving safety risks.

 Keep reading to learn more about the top five drawbacks of untinted car windows. 

1. Health Risks 

While you may not think twice about skin cancer while cruising down the highway, UV ray exposure is a serious risk drivers face. Research has shown that harmful UV rays can penetrate your car’s windows, boosting your risk of skin damage. With the average driver spending about an hour behind the wheel every day, they unintentionally expose themselves to excessive UV radiation, increasing their risk of skin cancer. 

How Window Tinting Can Help

While applying broad-spectrum SPF 15+ sunscreen can protect you, some people don’t carry a bottle of suntan lotion in their bag or glove compartment. A simpler solution is installing window film, which can block up to 99% of UV rays. 


2. Driving Safety 

Do you have trouble driving during sunsets or sunrises? Most people do. Sun glare results from ‌sunlight reflecting off the earth’s surface and directly into your eyes, impacting your view of the road. And all that squinting you’re doing to see better causes eye strain.

 According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sun glare causes approximately 9,000 accidents each year and is the second environmental-related cause of crashes. 

How Window Tinting Can Help

Automotive window tint significantly reduces sun glare, allowing you to maintain a better view. Additionally, window film will not hinder your vision while driving at night. 


3. Reduced Resale Value 

When the time comes to sell your car or trade it in, you want every component to look its best. But while you might worry about minor dents and scratches, a faded interior will significantly reduce your vehicle’s resale value.

 Regular exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause fading, cracking, and other unsightly damage. When your car is parked in direct sunlight, UV rays can break down the molecular bonds of its interior components, such as causing your dashboard to crack and upholstery to fade, yellow, or wrinkle, making your vehicle look older and rundown.

 But that’s just the beginning. Prolonged UV exposure can also impact your vehicle’s performance and safety, affecting belts, hoses, fluids, and tire pressure. 

How Window Tinting Can Help

Parking your car in a garage or carport can reduce exposure to UV rays. However, not all people have these structures. Instead, they can tint their windows to block sunlight and decrease UV-related damage efficiently. 


4. Hidden Costs of Untinted Windows 

Untinted windows could be costing you more at the pump. You probably blast your AC during sweltering Colorado summers to stay cool. As a result, this can significantly impact your fuel economy,  requiring you to refuel your car more often. 

How Window Tinting Can Help

Window tint helps to optimize fuel efficiency by blocking out UV rays and infrared heat, keeping your interior cooler. This means you won’t need to have your air conditioning set to full blast. By lessening the load on your AC, you can improve fuel economy and keep more money in your pockets.


5. Privacy and Safety Concerns 

Car thefts are on the rise, with over 930,000 vehicles being reported stolen in 2021. And while thieves might not decide to drive off in your car, they’ll be more tempted to steal your possessions if they can see inside your windows.

Visible electronics, bags, and other valuables increase your car’s vulnerability to theft. Criminals will use blunt objects to smash your windows before reaching in and grabbing your belongings. This typically happens to vehicles parked on the street, in parking lots, or in public garages. 

How Window Tinting Can Help

Installing window tint can reduce your risk of a smash-and-grab. Thieves won’t be able to see into your car, becoming a deterrent against a break-in. 


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